Cisco Networking Academy Creates Influencers: Meet Armand Carr


Get all the backstories of our 2023 Cisco Networking Academy alumni award winners in this five-part series. In our final story, we share how award winner, Armand Carr, became an influencer. And how his skills and connections from Cisco Networking Academy helped him forge valuable partnerships to help underserved students and gain more than 50,000 followers.


While the disruption to traditional media by social media platforms is lamented by some, the reality is that social media is indispensable for communicating with a young audience. According to one study, 97 percent of teens in the US say they use the internet daily, and while the landscape changes constantly, more than half the teens surveyed use the top four social media platforms.

For Cisco Networking Academy alumnus Armand Carr, social media is crucial.

Armand is founder and CEO of All Tied Up, an NGO dedicated to the education and support of underserved youth—particularly young men— in Oakland, California. Armand uses his social media presence to engage his audience and to act as a positive role model.

As part of its program to provide education and opportunities to local youth, All Tied Up offers Cisco Networking Academy courses, helping create better problem solvers and decision makers who are less likely to be involved in destructive behavior.


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Communication for success

Armand champions the benefits of Cisco Networking Academy on social media, advancing its goals beyond the classroom, and raising awareness of career pathways for participants.

“As an Influencer and CEO, the Cisco Networking Academy has played a pivotal role by providing me with invaluable resources and opportunities to expand my reach in the realm of social media,” says Armand. “Its curriculum and cutting-edge resources have equipped me with a deeper understanding of networking concepts, protocols, and technologies.”

Armand’s work has garnered accolades from the community, including the city of Oakland declaring his birthday, May 16, Armand Carr Day.

Armand is also the inaugural winner of the Cisco Networking Academy Influencer Alumni Award.

“Social media is crucial in getting messages across due to its unparalleled reach, accessibility, and influence in today's digital age,” he says. “Social media platforms have billions of active users worldwide, making them an ideal channel for reaching a large and diverse audience.”

Building communities

Armand regularly posts to more than 50,000 followers across a number of social media sites, building an online community that values and engages with his content.

“Instantaneous communication, two-way engagement, visual impact, targeted marketing options, and the ability to amplify messages through sharing make it an indispensable tool for effectively communicating messages to a wide audience in today's digital landscape,” says Armand.

“My motivation to passionately advocate for the Cisco Networking Academy stems from the significant impact it has on underserved students and the community at large,” he says. “Witnessing the transformative power of acquiring technical skills in these underserved communities is truly inspiring.”


The Cisco Networking Academy Alumni Awards honor alums who have maximized their potential in the digital universe. Next “call for nominations” will be in May of 2024. If you missed our fourth story featuring the Innovation Architect award winner, you can read it here.