Cybersecurity Webinar Series

With the world becoming more connected every single day, security is becoming increasingly more important. In an age where we manage more and more of our lives digitally, it means that anyone—in any career—should have basic knowledge of cybersecurity as well as keeping security up to par.

Session 1: Cybersecurity Basics

In this first session, we will start off with exploring how cybersecurity is part of our digital lives. And cover why cybersecurity is one of the hottest topics, and careers, in the tech industry.

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Session 2: Security Threats and Breaches

Our interconnected world makes everyone more susceptible to cyber-attacks. While companies and institutions are constantly working to protect themselves with increasing security measures, you can play a role in this fight as well. When you are aware of the risks, it may be much easier to protect yourself from hackers, viruses and malware. In this session, you will learn about the different types of cyber security attacks, insights into the latest cybersecurity breaches that are in the news, and examples of attacks that have been averted.

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Session 3: A Career in Cybersecurity

Interested in a career in cybersecurity? With over 15 billion devices connected to the internet, security is an important focus area for companies world-wide. Cybersecurity Ventures predicts there will be 3.5 million cybersecurity job openings by 2021. We are going to highlight the top job titles in cybersecurity and the associated job roles. As well as explain the demand for cybersecurity professionals and the recommended background needed for a career path in security.

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