Software Defined Networking Webinar Series

Do you know the fundamentals behind Software Defined Networking (SDN)? If not, this series will help you understand the fundamentals. We explore networking programming and dive deeper into the topic.

Session 1: What is Network Programming?

Trends in the industry are moving for a more automated and central way to control network infrastructure, and traffic engineering today is a key for most organizations. We introduce the concept of Network programming and its fundamentals.

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Session 2: An Introduction to SDN

Making a network more agile and flexible is key for many organizations. With the introduction of Software Defined Networking (SDN) some years ago, network engineers are now able to redefine the computer networking environment. We introduce the concept of SDN and how it has shaped computer Networking.

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Session 3: Applications of SDN in Cisco

Now that you have had an introduction to network programming and SDN in the first two sessions, we have a small group of panelists join to discuss the applications of SDN within Cisco including Meraki SD-WAN, Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module (APIC-EM/IWAN), & ACI in the Data Center. 

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