Networking Academy Badges

Earn credentials to easily share what you have learned.

Career Possibilities

At the Cisco Networking Academy we empower all people with career possibilities. Our learning curriculum, platform, and resources are among the best in technology education. Students come out of the program with tested, employable skills. But we don’t stop there— we understand that communicating acquired skills in the ever-expanding marketplace can be challenging. So, we offer digital credentials, also known as badges.

Networking Academy Badges

Networking Academy students can earn a digital credential in the form of a badge for completing a course with a minimum standard of performance. Badges are digital assets that communicate a learning achievement and serve as a student level credential. Networking Academy badges are issued and verified by Cisco. Each badge includes ‘metadata,’ a detailed description of the subject matter covered, and what was required to earn the badge.

Many Networking Academy courses help students develop “resume-worthy” skills. Employers can click on the badges earned in those courses to view the skills acquired. Badges can be used in email signatures or digital resumes, and on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for maximum visibility and recognition.

  • Badges show the world the knowledge and skills students acquired to receive the credential from a respected, credible source.
  • Badges help publicize student accomplishments on social media, on websites and in email signatures.
  • Badges demonstrate student knowledge is up to date.
  • Badges convey real economic benefit in the labor market

Earning a Networking Academy Badge

Earning a badge for completing a Networking Academy course is completely free. Completion requirements vary by course but typically require passing the final assessment. Once you qualify you will receive an email from the Acclaim platform with details on the process for accepting your badge. The Acclaim platform hosts your earned badges throughout your professional career at no cost to you.

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Badges and Industry Certifications

Networking Academy badges show the skills students acquire in their course work. Students can continue their journey with Certifications that validate competencies in specific technology domains. Certifications are offered by third party organizations that assess knowledge and validate skills in cooperation with a business, trade association or other industry group. Many certifications come with a badge of their own. Here are the industry certifications that our core career Networking Academy courses align to:

Networking Academy Courses Certification Name Certification Organization
CCNA: Introduction to Networks
CCNA: Switching, Routing, and Wireless Essentials
CCNA: Enterprise Networking, Security, and Automation
CCNA Cisco
CCNA CyberOps CyberOps Associate Cisco
DevNet Associate (coming soon) DevNet Associate Cisco
CCNP: Enterprise Core Networking
CCNP: Enterprise Advanced Routing
CCNP Cisco
IT Essentials A+ CompTIA

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