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Cisco Networking Academy makes it easy to show employers and your network your new skills and knowledge.

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Digital Badges

Show the world - and employers - the skills you have acquired from completing coursework.

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Get an edge over other candidates with industry-recognized certifications.

Digital Badges

Digital badges are issued by Cisco to verify the knowledge and skills you’ve gained. Earning a badge is completely free and easy to share on your social media, email signature, resume, or website. Stand out in the job market and show your commitment to continuous learning, a trait employers desire.

Explore badge

Explore - Earn a green digital badge for each introductory course you successfully complete. Our Explore courses are a great way to learn about interesting topics in the field of tech and find a direction you want to pursue.

Career badge

Career - Earn a blue digital badge for each career-oriented course you successfully complete. Show you’ve gained technical, job-relevant skills. Many of our Career courses align with industry-recognized certifications and specific job roles, too.

Professional Skills badge

Professional Skills - Earn a gray digital badge for each Professional Skills course you successfully complete and stand out in the tech job market as a well-rounded candidate. These practice-oriented courses are designed to complement your technical training and equip you with essential skills for success in the workplace.


Did you know that 99% of organizations surveyed use technical certifications to make hiring decisions?1 Certifications are proof of your knowledge, aptitude, and a lifelong learning mentality that puts you ahead of the competition. Many of our courses align to industry-recognized certifications and are a great way to get your career in tech started.


Level Certification Course(s)
Entry Cisco Certified Support Technician (CCST) Cybersecurity Junior Cybersecurity Analyst Career Path, or Cybersecurity Essentials (version 3.0, instructor-led)
Associate CyberOps Associate CyberOps Associate

Operating Systems & Information Technology

English for IT

Level Certification Course(s)
Entry English for IT B2/GSE 59-75 English for IT 1

English for IT 2

2019 Tech Manager Survey, Cisco1

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Digital badges and certifications are a great way to show your skills to employers. Take the next step with our job matching services and career preparation resources, designed to set you up for career success.