Why do Techies need an Entrepreneurial Mindset?

Look at job postings today geared towards attracting technologists of all varieties. Chances are you will quickly come across many that are looking for “entrepreneurial spirit” even though they are looking for techies to join their company.

Now what, you might ask, would an employer – especially a large corporation – be doing looking for someone who is a risk-taker and likes being their own boss? Entrepreneurial mindset refers to an attitude and approach. This mindset is massively in demand in today’s job market. And it is not really any wonder, when you think about what that mindset entails.

Become a Technopreneur

Techies already are equipped to embrace their entrepreneurial skills because they are adept problem-solvers. Solving problems is something that most employers put a high premium on.

The entrepreneurial mentality is perhaps, in its essence, a clear expression of the can-do spirit coupled with clever problem solving, resourcefulness, innovativeness, and a strong sense of grit with a heavy dose of confidence.

Most techies have a can-do spirit. Why? Because can-doers are those of us who seek out challenges, find answers, and solve problems.

The can-doer is rarely stalled by set backs, no matter how complex or insurmountable they seem, and will use new approaches, take calculated risks and come up with new ideas when faced with a challenge. And people who believe that anything is possible and have the tenacity to put that to the test are not only attractive to most organizations but can have a powerful impact on them.

It is not surprising that the entrepreneurial mindset is in high demand. Combining it with your technical skills can be incredibly powerful.

What can you do to develop your technopreneurial spirt?

Mindset Matters

You have to set your mind as well as attitude, and you will be able to develop your skillset. A good starting point is analyzing your own attitude at work. Do you have an “employee” mindset – you clock in and out and wait for payday each month? Or do you see the workplace as a space to grow, to grasp opportunities to develop, and learn as you try out new things? 

Next, think of how you approach trying out new things, how do you feel about change? Is change something to be feared or opposed? Or do you tire of doing the same things in the same way day after day? A key to success as a technopreneur is thinking of change as an opportunity to do new things, and how it can be done better.

Another way to develop your mindset is evaluating your problem solving approach. Part of problem solving inevitably involves doing things differently with the aim of doing things better. Think about how you approach problems and challenges. How often do you approach a situation pre-disposed to reach for the tried and tested? Or are you open to trial and error.

More importantly, consider how you think of failure. Those with a real entrepreneurial mindset do not see failure as a permanent setback. Failing to do something the first, second, or third time is another opportunity to learn; a fundamental part in the progress towards finding the solution that works.

While it may be the case that some people are more naturally inclined to think outside the box or take the risks en route to success, it is certainly true that entrepreneurs are built, rather than born.


It is all a question of attitude. You can combine your technical skills and forge an entrepreneurial mindset to become one of the next best technopreneurs.