Dream Team Opportunity

Interested in an opportunity to gain hands on experience and work as part of tech team? Being a part of a Dream Team is an excellent option for top Cisco Networking Academy students in regions where events are being hosted to gain experience. Experience practicing the techniques, technology, and skills you learn in your Networking Academy courses is a great way to show future employers your expertise.

The most well-known event that our Dream Teamers support is the Cisco Live week-long event in North America. We also work with partners around the world who are looking for Dream Teamers to support their industry conferences and events. While the majority of reoccurring events are held in United States, other event locations have included Canada, England, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, and China.

Members of the Dream Teams work behind the scenes of a specific event. They assist in setting up, supporting and troubleshooting wireless networks, and actively engage in a team setting. Each team will also have mentors to guide them, allowing them to gain valuable experiences and grow their skills – both technical and non-technical.

How do you become a part of the Dream Team?

A small group of Networking Academy students are nominated by their instructors to be part of a specific Dream Team. Final participants are selected by Cisco and invited to join the team.

First you need to have the bare minimum qualifications to be considered to be a part of a Dream Team:

  • Nominated by your Networking Academy instructor
  • Currently enrolled in CCNA2 or higher
  • Need to be located within driving distance to the event
  • Each regional event will have more specific qualifications, your instructor will know of these

If you do have the qualifications, you can take initiative and let your Networking Academy instructor know that you are interested in participating in a Dream Team event.