Your Career, our Talent Bridge Resources

Are you job-ready? That is a big question for students. And one that we can help you answer. Cisco’s Networking Academy Talent Bridge meets you—our Networking Academy students—on your journey, whether you are just starting your studies or ready to join the tech workforce.

As part of your journey, we invite you to participate in our employment program aimed at helping you connect directly with Cisco and our ecosystem of partners who are looking to hire qualified individuals to join their tech workforce. We offer a variety of resources, something for every step of your path to becoming gainfully employed.

You are on a path to becoming a tech professional with skills that are highly sought after by companies worldwide. Our employment program is designed to sync you with companies who want techies with your skills; including Cisco as well as our partners and distributors.

We offer an array of resources for you to choose from to assist you on your journey:

Career Preparation Workshop

We have created a self-paced workshop that is focused on preparing you to start your career. Offering you guided lessons with activities that will help you prepare for the job search and for the work environment too.

Matching Engine

We actively works with recruiters at Cisco and partner companies to identify job opportunities that Networking Academy students would be intersted in pursuing. Our Matching Engine connects you to positions with these employers based on your profile and employer-specific skill requirements using data-informed matching.

  • Use your login to access the tool
  • You must be 18 years of age or older to register and participate in Networking Academy Talent Bridge’s Matching Engine

Alumni Network on LinkedIn

Connect with your peers and instructors around the globe. We offer that connection through our Networking Academy University page on LinkedIn. By connecting with us this way, you are more likely to be found by our network of employers who are searching for Networking Academy alumni to join their workforce using LinkedIn.

  • Connect by simply adding “Cisco Networking Academy” to your Education section on your LinkedIn profile

Dream Team

We offer Networking Academy students the chance to gain hands-on experience at premier events with Cisco and our partners—and use their newly applied skills. Instructors are asked to nominate students to join various Dream Teams around the globe; based upon event type and location. Students shadow experts to support event setup and troubleshoot wireless networks while actively engaging in a team setting. 

Career Advice

We know that you are actively developing your technical skills, but we also know how vital it is you work towards developing your employability. Through our conversations with hiring managers, recruiters, and research, we have compiled career advice that will help you identify ways to make yourself job-ready.