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Social Media and Your Career Webinar Series

Every day, millions of recruiters worldwide are searching to hire talented individuals (like yourself) to join their company. Will you be found in their search?

We live in the age of digitization, which of course means that your job hunt is digitized. And like all things in this era—everything is connected, so make sure you glisten when you are found online by recruiters.

In this webinar series we cover which social sites to focus on sprucing up. We of course also cover the do-nots on social; so you can save yourself the embarrassments and potential heartbreak of a recruiter not wanting to hire you, because of what you put on the Internet.

Session 1: Why should you use LinkedIn?

We have heard many Cisco Networking Academy students ask us about LinkedIn. Most often they ask, “Why should we even use LinkedIn?” and that made us realize, we need to do a webinar on this topic. We will answer your questions and do a workshop so you can put to practice what you have learned.

In this session we highlight:

  • Why you should use LinkedIn
  • When you should begin using LinkedIn
  • How to make the most of being on LinkedIn
  • What to put on your professional profile when you have no work experience

As well as offer exclusive insight on what recruiters and hiring managers are searching for when they browse profiles and group conversations. We also tell you where we are sending our Cisco channel partners and distributors to find our most talented Networking Academy students. And highlight our employment program: Talent Bridge.

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Session 2: Build your Professional Brand on Social

Do you know why your social profiles matter when it comes to your job search? Learn about what employers search for on social, when they are considering you as a candidate to work at their company.

Have you learned how to use social media to build your personal, professional brand? You might be wondering why need to have a brand and what that even means. If you are, then you definitely should join us.

In this session we will focus on:

  • Privacy on Social
  • How/why to keep your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. personal (and private)
  • How to use Twitter to demonstrate your knowledge breadth
  • What you should NOT do when using your social accounts
  • Basics of monitoring your own social networks during your job search

Like the previous session, we have a mini-workshop so you can demonstrate what you have learned. We will highlight what it means to have a personal, professional brand and how that should influence your social media presence.

Be prepared for the professional world and make yourself glisten for recruiters searching for their ideal candidate—it might just be you.

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