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Use Your Online Reputation to Get Hired Webinar Series

With the Internet of Everything (IoE) we are all digitally connected. Which also means, potential employers can screen candidates online before meeting them in person.

Learn how to leverage LinkedIn to connect with your peers and impress employers, search for jobs, and stay informed with the latest trends in your industry. Also, hear from industry professionals on what they screen for when sorting through candidate applications.

Session 1: Leveraging LinkedIn

Using a social network to get a job is a reality of today. We have a LinkedIn representative teach you how to make a strong impression using your professional presence online.

Your LinkedIn profile will influence how employers view you—before meeting you in person. You will also learn how to search for jobs on LinkedIn and build your network by participating in groups.

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Session 2: Manage Your Professional Image

Each of us has a professional image online. Whether or not we manage our reputation is up to us.

Join us as we speak with a panel of experts, who will give us insight on what employers search for as they screen candidates. We have representatives from Adecco, SIGMAnet, and Cisco participate in the panel.

You will learn more about how to manage your digital footprint and learn how it influences potential employers before they meet you face-to-face.

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