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Cisco DevNet

Tue Oct 17 23:32:00 GMT 2017

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Cisco DevNet [webinar series]

Digitization is disrupting traditional networks and driving the need to adopt evolving technologies. Networks are becoming programmable, virtualized, and software-driven. With these changes happening in the industry, it is important to understand software development concepts and how cross-functional work will be required to help drive network automation. The skills needed for future careers are changing and Cisco Networking Academy is partnering with DevNet to help you. Together we will help you better understand and experience some of these new software-related skills, broaden your thinking about potential career options, and provide opportunities to learn more.

Discover what DevNet has to offer you as a student and digital professional.  Find out how DevNet and Networking Academy are collaborating together to create a vibrant community.

Session 1: Introduction to Software and Programmability through Cisco DevNet

To start off this series, we are going to take an introductory look into DevNet – to make sure you can get the most out of all the following sessions. We will introduce you to the concepts and tools used for Software-Defined Networks.

We will also shed light on how the future requires network engineers, application developers, and infrastructure developers to work together. We will take a look at what it means to program hardware, controllers, and components as required to move towards connected devices as part of the Internet of Things (IoT). You will also be given insight on how cross-functional work is required to drive network automation networks.

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Session 2: Introduction to Coding

Understand the basics of software and coding during this session. The first DevNet session provided background on the DevNet community and the advantages network engineers can gain from collaborating with software developers. In order to work effectively with software developers, it is beneficial to understand the basics of coding.

During this session, DevNet will provide an introduction to the basic concepts of Git and Git-based services (e.g. GitHub). The presenter will also conduct a short demo to showcase the fundamentals of coding with Python and JSON.

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Session 3: Intent Networks: How to be a Network Engineer in a Programmable Age

Have you ever thought about what happens after you give a phone app permission to access your location or photos?  The app requests data from your phone application, and then uses it to draw a map or enable you to alter your photo or some other useful action.  Businesses today increasingly want to do similar things with network data—we call this Network Programmability. In this session, we will explore how today we can manage and leverage networks in ways we have only dreamed of before.

Join us as we break down network programmability into its basic elements & explore what has driven this latest topic to the forefront of many network engineering discussions

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Session 4: Fast Lane: Where Code (Apple) Meets Network Infrastructure (Cisco)

30 November 2017 at 9 a.m. PT

Have you ever clicked on a “Get Directions” link on a website and had to wait a long time to get a response? This web service delay may be due to congestion in the wireless communications channel. If that web service is critical to the success of your Business, you would want to make sure that its data traffic gets assigned a high priority. This prioritization is the concept behind network Quality of Service (QoS).

Cisco has partnered with Apple to create Fast Lane, which gives app owners the ability to decide the relative priority of different types of data generated by or input to a particular iOS app. Understand the benefits of optimizing iOS app web traffic and how developers can use Fast Lane to maximize these benefits for app owners and users


Future Sessions: More sessions in this series will be added, check back on this blog for more details.