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Get Certified Webinar Series

Do you ever wonder if all the hard work you put into obtaining Cisco certifications will be worth it? Ask no longer.

In this series you have the opportunity:

  • To gain knowledge about the importance of certifications
  • Learn study tips
  • Hear testimonials from NetAcad Alumni about how certifications helped them get their job
  • Join a roundtable discussion with HR Managers

You have an opportunity to hear directly from former Cisco Networking Academy students and industry leaders. 

Session 1: Introduction to Cisco Certifications and Exam Tips

Get an overview about Cisco certifications and learn tips to study for the exams. Hear from the L@C (Learning at Cisco) Team to hear about the extra resources that are available to students for becoming cert ready. This is an opportunity to learn how to better prepare so you can ace your certifications.

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Session 2: A Day in the Life of a Cisco Professional

Certifications- are they worth it? Hear firsthand from former Networking Academy students on the importance of certifications as they describe their current job roles and major tasks that are involved, a typical day at work, and explain why having a certification was key in the hiring process. Learn about job titles and responsibilities for CCNA and CCNP qualified professionals.

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Session 3: Why Employers look for Certified Candidates

Why hire a certified individual? What makes a candidate stand out in the hiring process? Hear the answers to these questions and many more in a facilitated roundtable discussion with various employers. A panel of HR managers tell you first hand why they value certifications and answer questions about the importance of certifications. 

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