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Programmability Webinar Series with Cisco DevNet

Cisco’s DevNet and Networking Academy have teamed up again for another webinar series because of the high interest from last year's series. In our ever changing technology landscape, it only makes sense to revisit a few sessions from last year and share the latest details as well as feature a whole new set of topics. Join us for conversations about network programmability, security, SDN and network controllers, Python, and many other related topics.

Session 1: Networking with Programmability is Easy

Let us start this series by taking a look at how the world of networking is changing. This will help you to understand the resources available, which in turn can make you more efficient and ensure you get the ultimate benefits out of this webinar series. Discover the new skills that are required as a network engineer and what you can do to set yourself up on the path to a lucrative career.

We will also shed light on how the future requires network engineers, application developers, and infrastructure developers to all work together. People in these positions will need to explore how cross-functional collaboration and automation can help increase efficiency as well as expedite the pace of innovation. This session will provide insight on new Networking Academy course offerings to set you on a path of lifelong learning that will help you in your career -- regardless of the direction you pursue.

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Session 2: Role of a Network Engineer in the Programmable Age

Have you ever thought about what happens after you give a phone app permission to access your location or photos? The app requests data from your phone application, and then uses it to draw a map or enable you to alter your photo or some other useful action. Businesses today increasingly want to do similar things with network data—we call this Network Programmability.

In this session, we will explore how today we can manage and leverage networks in ways we have only dreamed of before. We will break down network programmability into its basic elements and explore what has driven this latest topic to the forefront of many network-engineering discussions.

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Session 3: Software Defined Networking and Controllers

Imagine a network with thousands of devices, and now imagine answering the question: “where exactly is Bob’s computer in the network?”

What is the best way that is also scalable and fastest to answer that question? Join us to learn about the power of Software Defined Networking and Network Controllers and learn how that question can be answered immediately.
We dive deeper into the new software defined world with examples of a DNA-C controller taking over the repetitive and boring networking tasks, so that you can now concentrate on innovations in networking.

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Upcoming Sessions in 2019

This series will have nine sessions in total. Check back on this blog for details on each of these sessions in the coming months.

  • Session 4: Adding API Skills to Your Networking Toolbox to be held in January 2019
  • Session 5: The New Programmable Toolbox of a Networking Engineer to be held in February 2019
  • Session 6: Program Networking Devices using their APIs to be held in March 2019
  • Session 7: Before, During, and After a Security Attack to be held in April 2019
  • Session 8: Play with Linux and Python on the Networking Devices to be held in May 2019
  • Session 9: Automate your Network with a Bot to be held in June 2019


Added Bonus* for Participating in this Webinar Series

We will be raffling off a total of 15 Amazon gift cards in the amount of $25 US dollars at the end of this series.

  • There will be 10 Amazon gift cards in the amount of $25 US dollars raffled off to everyone who participates in all of the live sessions
  • There will be five Amazon gift cards in the amount of $25 US dollars raffled off to everyone who participates in all of the sessions by either attending the live sessions or viewing/downloading the recording (can be a combination of the two in this raffle).

*Please note that this is a raffle and not everyone who qualifies will receive a gift card. There will be a total of 15 winners.

Certificate of Participation

There will be an opportunity to sign up for a Certificate of Participation at the end of this series. To qualify, you must have participated in all sessions of the series. You can do this by attending the live sessions, viewing the recordings, or a combination of the two. Certificates will not be given out for individual sessions, but for the series as a whole.