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Networking Academy instructors are the heart of the program. More than 26,500 professors, teachers and counselors use our free curriculum to inspire and motivate students worldwide. Partner with us to meet the growing demand for networking, security and related digital skills in the workforce.

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Welcome and Overview

Starting a new curriculum can be a daunting decision. We don't take it lightly either. When you partner with Cisco Networking Academy, you not only receive best-in-class course materials backed by industry giant Cisco, you also join a supportive community of instructors around the world providing training, sharing best practices and helping you get started. Even more importantly, you'll be aligning your students with a global community of hiring managers, mentors, advocates and other students excited to be learning in-demand skills.

Use this page to browse some samples of our instructional materials and hear more about the Networking Academy program and its benefits. We'd love the chance to support you in teaching the skills that will launch your students on a successful academic and career path!

How does this work?

When you sign up to teach Networking Academy courses, we will come alongside you to provide you with all the necessary curriculum, supplies and resources to help you be successful. Every school will also be featured on our Academy Locator which allows local students to find your academy and enroll with you directly. Take a peek around and then reach out to us with specific questions.

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What benefit is this for me?

With a 20-year history and a global footprint in over 180 countries, Cisco Networking Academy provides institutions with a credible and enduring offering. Your students will be prepared for in-demand jobs and certification exams. As an instructor, you will be connected with other instructors and invited to many professional development opportunities to learn new technologies and best practices. As an academy, you'll be able to leverage the Cisco brand name and recruitment tools to grow enrollment.

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Try out the courses for yourself in our online learning platform

Use the links below to sample some of our course offerings. Simply click the "Launch Demo" tile and then explore the learning environment. Each course contains sample materials to browse and tutorial videos to help you navigate. Access tutorial content by clicking "Help" once inside the course.

Networking Course Demos

The internet is no longer just the plumbing that connects workers and customers...modern networks are the nervous system of every industry, enabling new capabilities never before possible! This is driving the high demand for networkers skilled in the latest technologies. Try out a few of our industry-leading courses for yourself or browse all networking courses.

Networking Essentials

Learn basic networking concepts and skills you can put to use right away.

Scope & Sequence (PDF)

CCNA Routing & Switching: Introduction to Networks

This is the first course in the 4-part curriculum aligned to 2 Cisco technology certifications in preparation for entry-level positions.

Scope & Sequence (PDF)


Security Course Demos

With billions of devices now online, the world desperately needs Cybersecurity superheroes to keep us safe. This field has a projected shortage of 2 million workers by 2020. Prepare your students to land one of them! Explore a few of our security classes or browse all security courses.

Introduction to Cybersecurity

The introductory course for those who want to explore the world of cybersecurity.

Scope & Sequence (PDF)

Cybersecurity Essentials

For those planning to study for CCNA Routing & Switching or CCNA Security certifications.

Scope & Sequence (PDF)

CCNA Cybersecurity Operations

Develop the know-how to monitor, detect and respond to cybersecurity threats.

Scope & Sequence (PDF)

CCNA Security

Develop the skills needed to design and support the integrity of network devices.

Scope & Sequence (PDF)


IoT & Data Analytics Course Demos

"Smart" everything is the new norm. Billions of devices online and connecting with each other requires skilled technologists who have a vision for improved outcomes. Our IoT Fundamentals curriculum provides a strong foundation for the projected job growth of 82-87% by 2020 in this domain. Browse all IoT courses.

Introduction to IoT

Learn about the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it supports the digital transformation in every industry.

IoT Fundamentals: IoT Security

Use real-world tools to test vulnerabilities, model threats and evaluate risks in IoT solutions.

Connecting Things

Hands-on activities teach you how to securely collect data and connect sensors to cloud services.

Scope & Sequence (PDF)
New Foundation for 2-Year College IT Program

Big Data & Analytics

Develop the ability to extract data and use data analytics to gain insights, an extremely valuable skill to employers.

Scope & Sequence (PDF)
IoT Curriculum for IoT Developer Technician Role


OS & IT Course Demos

Perfect for the digital novice or for aspiring SysAdmin or programmer. Innovative companies are built on solid OS & IT foundations and there will be no shortage of demand for the skilled workers who know how to build and manage these systems. These skills are also critical building blocks for careers in networking and security. Browse all Operating Systems and IT courses.

IT Essentials

Learn computer fundamentals and validate skills through optional CompTIA A+ Certification.

Scope & Sequence (PDF)



Join the program and get free access to:

  • High-quality international curriculum that combines in-depth technical training with problem-solving and entrepreneurial skills students need to get a job or create their own businesses
  • Courses that can be combined to create pathways that complement existing academic or vocational programs and prepare students for certification
  • The Learning Platform that helps instructors manage classes, track student success, deliver online assessments, and connect with other educators and IT experts online
  • Cisco Packet Tracer for online network simulations that assist learning by creating and managing many kinds of networks
  • Software labs and new emerging technologies via remote lab environments
  • Career advice, employment connections, and skills competitions for your students
  • Support and instructor professional development throughout the year 
  • Discounts for class-related lab equipment
  • Access to training partners who provide more in-depth preparation as needed

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Most institutions are eligible to access our curriculum for free. These include secondary schools, universities, colleges, career or technical schools, and similar learning organizations that operate at cost. If you fall into another category, we can usually come to an agreement


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