Change the trajectory of your students' lives

Technology is disrupting every industry, in ways we have yet to see. Networking Academy courses teach the essential tech skills, transforming students into resilient global problem solvers.

Your students are tomorrow’s workforce and need to be prepared for a digital-everywhere business world. Help them and your institution meet the growing demand for networking and security skills across every industry.

Partner with Cisco Networking Academy and gain access to our free courses and the support you need to implement any or all of our curricula.

Developed by educators, employers and technology experts

Together with employers and technology experts, educators lead the development of our teaching methods and resources. They help build all of our course materials. In turn, we help them manage their classes and evolve their careers with access to free support and training on the Networking Academy Learning Platform.

Becoming an academy means joining a community of like-minded people with a desire to change the world

With Cisco Networking Academy, you get:

  • A high-quality international curriculum that combines in-depth technical training with problem-solving and entrepreneurial skills students need to get a job or create their own businesses
  • Courses that can be combined to create pathways to complement your academic or vocational programs and prepare students for certification
  • Our Learning Platform, which allows instructors to manage classes, track student success, deliver assessments, and connect with other educators and IT experts
  • Online assessments
  • Cisco Packet Tracer, an online network simulation tool that helps students to learn by creating and managing many kinds of networks
  • Free access to software labs and new emerging technologies via remote lab environments
  • Discounts for class-related lab equipment
  • Support and training to launch your program, along with free instructor professional development throughout the year
  • Career advice, employment connections, and skills competitions for your students

Networking Academy instructors are the heart of the program

Instructors recruit, inspire, and motivate students to discover their passion for IT and learning. From professors and high school teachers to rehabilitation counselors, more than 22,000 men and women teach the Networking Academy curriculum worldwide.


Our courses are relevant. We invest in global research and partner with employers to identify jobs that are in demand, the skills needed in these jobs, and how best to teach these skills.

Our courses are flexible. Many are instructor-led and can be delivered in a classroom or online, depending on your setup. If you use real equipment in your teaching, the classroom is ideal. Some courses can be extended to students as self-paced with online access study and completion at their convenience. That way, you can customize and include labs from the online simulation tool, Cisco Packet Tracer.

The Learning Platform

Cisco Networking Academy’s Learning Platform is unique. It simplifies the management of your courses and delivers a consistent and engaging experience. You can:

  • Set up and manage courses online, add students and instructors, monitor progress, and customize the student experience
  • Enhance instruction and customize courses by embedding content from social media channels
  • Simplify classroom management with discussion boards, multimedia chat, alerts, notifications, and blogs
  • Manage the success of your program with data dashboards and reporting
  • Collaborate with the global learning community—wherever you are
  • Set yourself up for success with calendar alerts and notifications to your phone or email

Ready to Get Started?

Most institutions are eligible to access our curriculum for free. These include secondary schools, universities, colleges, career or technical schools, and similar learning organizations that operate at cost. If you fall into another category, we can usually come to an agreement


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You will need the following:

  • A classroom, if applicable
  • Student computers for access to the curriculum
  • Reliable Internet access of at least 512Kbps
  • Funds to purchase lab equipment bundles (varies by curriculum and class size; required for IT Essentials, CCNA, CCNA Security, and CCNP courses; discounts available for most purchases and free OS upgrades)
  • If lab equipment is required, a dedicated classroom of at least 550 square feet or 50 square meters for hands-on practice
  • An instructor. Training and qualification is required to teach some courses to assure instructors know the content, others are available immediately.