Experiences that Propel Your Career Webinar Series

You are on the path to gain the education you need to become a working professional. The thing is, education alone will not get you a job—you also need to have experiences that showcase you have put your skills into action.

One of the key things employers look for when screening through applications—is the experiences section. How do your experiences stack up and showcase your career skills? What counts as an experience? And better yet, how do you gain experience before you get your first job? There are many ways to gain valuable experience before you get your first professional job.

In this webinar series, we explore:

  • What constitutes as an experience
  • How you can gain experiences
  • Where to look for them

Learn more about how you can use your experiences to propel your career forward.

Session 1: Experiences of Value

Do you ever wonder which experiences employers find most valuable when considering who to hire? Join us to learn more about the different types of experiences that can set you apart from other applicants. We will also share which experiences hiring mangers stated highlight your career skills the most. This session is 18 minutes long.

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Session 2: Volunteering to Gain Experience

Gaining experience can be a daunting task, but one way to take control of building not only your resume but your skills set—is by volunteering. Many companies, especially Cisco, place high value upon volunteer work. When a person volunteers, it shows many sides of their personality—a few traits that shine are leadership, initiative, and social aptitude.

Learn how to set up a volunteer experience that showcases your technical and non-technical expertise. We will also cover how to explain this type of experience on your resume, LinkedIn, and in conversation during meetings with potential employers. This session is a little longer than 14 minutes.

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