Cloud Computing Webinar Series

Have you wondered what Cloud means or questioned how it will impact your network? Do you want to learn more about security strategies and open stack? If so, this trio of one-hour sessions are set to inform you on the cloud and the pieces connected to it.

Session 1: What is the Cloud?

Cloud computing allows users to focus on what is important to them from accessing their music collection to collaborating in building the latest in Java applications. Cloud computing is not just the latest buzzword, it is a natural evolution of virtualization, automation, and service oriented architectures. It is impacting everyone’s network, including yours.

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Session 2: Security in the Cloud

This session focuses on security risks and threats in cloud. We touch upon the security strategy, broad set of controls, and recommendations to enable use of cloud based services in any enterprise. The topics include Identity and Access Management, Data Security, policy, and procedures etc. in the cloud.

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Session 3: Open Stack—what is it? Connecting ACI to Open Stack

Learn what Openstack and ACI are and how ACI is connected to Openstack. Presenters Stephen Pierce and Desh Shukla discuss the architecture and infrastructure of Openstack. They also touch on how ACI is the next generation of datacenter networking, as well as the hot topics of SDN and security.

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