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Whether you're searching for your passion or wanting to embark on a hybrid career, Networking Academy offers courses that cater to different experiences. Allowing you time to just explore.

The meaning of the word ex·plore means to search for something valuable or explore an interest.

Isn’t this something we try to do all the time? Taking an ex·plore course with Cisco Networking Academy is like this! You’ll delve into topics like Cybersecurity, Linux, IoT and Python. Go ahead, learn something new and venture away from the ordinary and move toward new career possibilities. Nothing compares to the sense of purpose it will bring.

Tech courses that make up our modern workplace

Free, Online Ex·plore Courses

Intro to Cybersecurity image
Intro to Cybersecurity

Have a knack for solving puzzles? Then consider this course because few areas offer more chances to solve problems than the field of cybersecurity.

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Intro to IoT image
Intro to IoT

If you learn IoT, you can innovate like a technologist. No kidding. This course focuses on Internet-connected “smart” devices that are revolutionizing the world.

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Linux Unhatched image
NDG Linux Unhatched

Like wading into the shallow end of a swimming pool, this course will give you a great understanding of the most-used, open source operating system.

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PCAP: Programming Essentials in Python image
PCAP: Programming Essentials in Python

Worldwide Python is a major force in web applications, big data analytics and machine intelligence. All due to its intuitive, readable rules making it beginner-friendly.

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