Techie’s Guide to Getting Hired Webinar Series

Make sure you are ready to be found by employers. Of course, you already know you need to have your resume ready and prepare for your interviews when you are doing your job search. But often times the fundamentals of becoming a part of the workforce are neglected.

In this series, we cover it all:

  • Importance of a strong personal brand
  • How professional etiquette plays a major role in getting hired
  • Advice on keeping organized with your job search
  • How to create a distinguishable resume

We will help guide you on how to prepare for the workforce and become more employable.

Session 1: Design Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand plays a huge role in the impression you make, whether you are in-person or engaging virtually with an employer. Learn how to talk about and present yourself to employers.

We will share advice on being ready to interact with employers in a professional way as well as tailoring your digital personal brand to work for you. This session is 16 minutes long.

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Session 2: Relevance of Professional Etiquette

Every interaction you have with an employer will involve your professional demeanor – which includes etiquette. Before you get an interview, during and after interviews, and even once you are hired, you will need to engage professionally and appropriately.

Professional etiquette entails knowing how to be polite and respectful in all forms of communications when engaging with potential employers, networking with peers, and once you join the workforce. During this session, you will learn the fundamentals of engaging professionally and how to improve your etiquette. This session is 14 minutes long.

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Session 3: Manage Your Job Pursuit

Most of us approach our job search by diving straight into the actual searching part. But there is more to your job pursuit than the search itself. Learn the importance of defining your career path, being prepared to submit applications, and being organized with your search. This session is a little over 13 minutes long.

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Session 4: Build Your Tech Resume

Hear what recruiters and technical managers want to see in resumes and cover letters. Understand how to create your resume so that it passes the initial scan, impresses during the hiring manager’s review, and hopefully leads you to the first interview. We will also highlight how to format the foundation of a cover letter so you can customize it for each application. This session is a little over 12 minutes long.

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