5 Reasons Careers in Tech are Good for Women

Deciding what to do with the rest of your life can be terrifying. But sometimes, the unknown can open up more opportunities than you expected.

It could even lead you to a career involving technology. And in today’s digital world, where everything is connected, that’s a good place to end up. If you just read this and thought, “that doesn’t sound like me,” you might want to think again.

In fact, here are 5 reasons every young woman should consider a career related to tech:

More jobs

Over 775,000 technology-related jobs are available in the United States alone, 21% of them entry level.

More money

The average annual base salary for technology professionals in the U.S. is about $90,000 … that’s double the average private sector wage.

Meaningful work

A tech-related job is the path to solving problems, breaking new ground, and starting your own business. Among the tech innovations of the past 20 years: the Internet, smartphones, wearable healthcare devices, and sharing economy applications like Uber. 

More flexibility

Thanks to Internet connectivity, many people who have technology-related jobs work from home, with non-traditional schedules… great for raising families and work-life balance. Others use their skills as a gateway to working in and exploring other countries.

More equality

The pay gap for women is smaller in tech. The average woman working in tech earns 93% of what her male counterparts do. For all industries, women earn only 78% of what men do. 

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