How the Internet of Things is Improving Lives

The Internet of Things (IoT) is making connections we never thought possible. Between people and devices… even animals and the planet. How would you use these digital connections to improve health, safety, and quality of life for people everywhere?

Get inspired: Read these real-life examples of how the IoT is changing the world. Then, get started!

City of San Antonio, Texas

Problem: America’s 7th largest city lost an estimated $2 billion due to long commutes, high fuel expenses, and safety issues

Solution: By harnessing the Internet of Things...

  • City officials control and monitor 1,200 networked traffic lights, improving traffic flow and reducing commute times
  • Residents can attend court hearings and contest traffic tickets via networked kiosks in their own communities instead of traveling to city offices downtown
  • Networked motion sensors adjust street lighting, lowering energy costs and increasing safety


Rio Operations Center, Brazil

Problem: More than 300 people died due to floods, landslides, and avalanches in 2010, emphasizing the need for better coordination among city agencies

Solution: By harnessing the Internet of Things...

  • More than 50 city agencies collect and share data from security cameras, rain gauges, traffic signals, the electric grid, social media, and more
  • Officials can monitor weather data and water levels and distribute evacuation warnings to residents vulnerable to flooding and landslides
  • Transportation officials can detect train disruptions and reroute taxis and buses to fill the gap


Clean Water Project, Kyusa, Kenya

Problem: In Africa, 1 million hand pumps supply water to 200 million people, but as many as 70% of the pumps break within 2 years

Solution: By harnessing the Internet of Things...

  • Transmitters in hand pump handles track data like hourly flow rates, pump performance, and peak demand times
  • Water regulators use data to make more informed decisions and manage resources better
  • Hand pump downtime dropped ten-fold, and the percentage of functioning hand pumps increased from 67 to 98


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