Tech Careers That Make a Difference

When you have strong technology skills you can take control of your life and help others. Add problem-solving savvy, and anything is possible. Own your own businesses, develop a life-saving product, travel the world. Here are a few jobs that can get you out of the cubicle, into the world, and feeling good about what you do for a living.
Telehealth Specialist

Over 50% of people who live in rural parts of the world cannot access basic healthcare. Imagine if you could change that with technology and the Internet of Things (IoT). Telehealth specialists do, every day. Telehealth uses networked medical devices, video conferencing, and other Internet-based technologies to let doctors speak to and evaluate patients as if they are face-to-face, no matter how many miles separate them. Telehealth specialists use their skills in VoIP, computer networking, video streaming, and more to increase healthcare access for patients and improve their quality of life.

Disaster Response Network Engineer

When disasters strike, communications systems are often the first to fail. Imagine being unable to use smartphones, email, or social media during a crisis. Without it, responders can’t save lives or deliver food and water where it’s needed. Survivors can’t get medical care or find their loved ones. But network engineers with special training and the right equipment can restore these vital connections. These professionals often deploy to the front lines of a disaster, helping to ensure public safety and provide humanitarian assistance.

Smart Grid Cybersecurity Specialist

Technology is transforming our electrical grid. We use Internet-enabled thermostats to control and monitor energy consumption. Cities use motion-detecting sensors and software to turn streets lights go on and off. These technologies can reduce energy costs, light pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. But the increased connections expose electric systems and our homes to cyber attacks. Network security professionals protect communities and families from those risks so they can enjoy the benefits of a modern electrical system.

Tech Entrepreneur

Do you want to be your own boss or start a business while benefitting others? As a tech entrepreneur you’ll work hard and take on big risks, but you’ll have the potential for big rewards, especially if making an impact on society is important to you. One study estimates that every $1 of profit earned by an innovator generates $50 worth of benefits for society at large. Technology is behind most every transformative innovation of the last two decades, with no signs of slowing down.

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