Expand Your Students’ Career Opportunities with a Free Online Course

Expand Your Students and Career Opportunities with a Free Online Course
Billions of Internet connections are rapidly transforming society. This “Internet of Things” is creating huge demand for workers with new and emerging IT skills. Our free online course introduces students to the realities of a hyper-connected world.
About the Introduction to IoT Course
  • 20 hours in length, divided into 5 modules
  • Online learning platform provides consistent and engaging student experience
  • Simulated network design, gaming, and online assessments included
  • Covers programming basics, increased security concerns, and networking fundamentals
  • Suitable for all students, regardless of their experience with IT
It’s Easy to Get Started
  • Instructors do not need special training
  • No lab equipment is required
  • No student prerequisites are required
  • Affiliation with an Academy Support Center is not required
It’s Economical
  • Licensed free to nonprofit organizations
  • Free supplemental podcast series and instructor orientation
4 Ways to Use the Course
  • As a standalone class or elective course
  • In combination with a related course
  • As an extra credit class students take at their own pace
  • By applying selected course modules to other curriculum
Why Teach Introduction to IoT?
  • 4 million+ entrepreneurs, innovators, and developers will be working on IoT projects by 2020
  • 30% job growth is predicted in fields like digital security, app development, systems operations, business analytics, and product design
  • You can reach a new pool of students not yet enrolled in traditional IT and networking courses
Do you want to learn more about bringing Introduction to IoT to your students? Request follow-up from your Cisco Networking Academy manager today!