IT Jobs of Tomorrow

IT Jobs of Tomorrow
The digital economy, powered by the Internet of Things (IoT), will require 4.5 million developers and generate $19 trillion in value by 2020. People with the skills needed for IoT-related jobs be will in high demand in tomorrow’s job market. Here’s a look at some of the fastest-growing fields.
Digital Security and Privacy

With an increase in data and integration points, data security will be critical. Skilled workers will be needed to develop security policies and procedures for people, infrastructure, applications, and operational technologies.

  • Entry job titles: IT Security Analyst, Building and Facilities Security
  • Advanced job titles: IT Security Engineer, Operational Technology Security, Chief Security Officer
Device Management

As the number of devices connected to the Internet grows, special skills will be required to manage and maintain billions of connections. Employers will hire people to install and configure IoE devices and peripherals, provide support, and work with vendors. Includes process automation and controls.

  • Entry job titles: Device Support, Device Field Engineer
  • Advanced job titles: Device Technician, Process Automation Engineer, Lead Device Technician, Lead Device Support, Lead Device Field Engineer
Network Management

Millions of devices will need to be integrated and connected to systems. Professionals with analytical skills in how to analyze, design, install, administer, maintain, monitor, and troubleshoot network systems. Develop skills to contribute to network capacity planning.

  • Entry job titles: Network Analyst
  • Advanced job titles: Network Engineer, Network Technician, Software Defined Network Engineer
Systems Operations

The complexity and connectivity of systems will continue to increase and expand, in the cloud and on site. Professionals will be needed for systems monitoring, management, and performance optimization.

  • Advanced job titles: Operations Center Lead, Operations Center Engineer, Director of Systems Operations
Business Analytics

As connections increase, the amount of data will too. The ability to analyze data and apply it to business needs will be critical. These professionals provide analysis and reporting to use data to inform business decisions. Includes developing database and warehousing designs.

  • Entry job titles: Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Advanced job titles: Data Scientist, Library Scientist, Data Architect, Director of Analytics
IoT/Digital Business Architecture

Increased device complexity means architecting will be crucial to ensure business and IT alignment. An Internet of Things (IoT) or digital business architect looks at people, business, and things to provide overall direction, guidance, and definition of an enterprise architecture that effectively supports enterprise strategy.

  • Entry job titles: Network Architect
  • Advanced job titles: Senior Architect, Digital Business Architect, Enterprise Architect
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