Talent Bridge Matching Engine

Bridging the divide between talent and employment

We know employers are searching for skilled workers with a passion for technology. The Talent Bridge Matching Engine automates the connection between Networking Academy students and our network of partners worldwide—at no cost to employers or students.

The unique virtual platform matches the qualifications of our students with the needs of employers, making it easy for hiring managers to quickly identify top candidates in 190 countries. And for students, the tool helps them see and apply for opportunities that fit their skill level, location, and industry certifications.

Hundreds of premier partners, as well as Cisco and Cisco Meraki, are using this platform to recruit and hire new employees for the challenges we face in the digital economy. Our candidates are skilled in networking, security, software development, and cloud technologies.



We Connect You with Opportunities

As a student you can simplify your search by using the Talent Bridge Matching Engine. It takes only ten minutes to create your profile using your Networking Academy login. Be sure to fill out the full profile, so you get matched to available opportunities. Must be over 18 years of age to register.


We Connect You with Top Talent

If you are a Cisco channel partner or distributor, all you need is your Cisco login credentials to be given access to the Matching Engine and thousands of qualified candidates. We build customized APIs for select partners with significant volume hiring demands.

"The advantage of using Talent Bridge Matching Engine over other job search engines is that I save significant time. Instead of searching through thousands of resumes I can quickly find qualified candidates with Cisco skills. The Talent Bridge Program is differentiated from other hiring platforms as it allows recruiters to quickly source specific qualified entry level networking talent, matching candidates by skills to opportunities."

Dan Kamien, Cisco Meraki Recruiting