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Discover the latest job trends and how Cisco Networking Academy courses map to them.

Pathways to Today’s IT Jobs

Each year thousands of jobs go unfilled because employers cannot find skilled talent. The Cisco Networking Academy program gets you started on a path to these jobs. Learn more about the courses that map to these career pathways.

Security Administration

Can you think like a hacker? A security specialist has to stay up-to-date on technology and discover weak spots before someone else does. They enjoy solving complex problems, and are able to document and communicate about their work.

Job Titles: Security Administrator (infrastructure, data, and applications), Network Security Architect, Network Security Engineer, Network Security Specialist

Software Development

You’re the one who analyzes every situation from all the angles to get the best outcome. You are passionate about learning new approaches and contributing to innovative initiatives. You enjoy the challenge of putting the pieces together to address a need.

Job Titles: Application Developer, Software Developer, Software Engineer, Linux Administrator

Technical Support

Is your default expression a smile? Support providers are good at solving problems, friendly, and easy to talk to. People who work in support become experts in their product or support area so it’s a good path to advancement.

Job Titles: Help Desk Operator, Support Technician, Support Engineer, Network SupportTechnician, Network Support Engineer

IT Jobs of Tomorrow

The digital transformation of the economy is generating unparalleled demand for skilled workers and new opportunities for creative, tech-savvy people everywhere.