Courses Align with Education Standards

NetAcad courses are 'crosswalked' through NICE, NGSS, ITEA, and DODEA standards, chapter by chapter.

NetAcad Courses:  Alignment Tools 



Our Courses Align with National Education Standards

Networking Academy courses are developed and updated to align with key education standards in the United States, Canada and around the world.

Educators can use this alignment tool to:

  • present curriculum strategies
  • support interdisciplinary teaching
  • apply for grants
  • plan courses


Which Standards?

Courses listed to the right are mapped to the following standards, chapter by chapter:


logoNational Institute for Cybersecurity Education (NIST)


logoNext Generation Science Standards


logoInternational Technology Education Association


logoU.S. Dept of Defense Education Activity, College and Career Ready (IT and other clusters)



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Cisco Networking Academy students are provided with constantly updated career information, job search preparation, and a powerful matching tool to help connect them with hiring managers looking for talent.

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Networking Academy Student Examples

headshot Devin Barkman
High school, with one IT certification
photo Andrew Cortez
High school, with IT certs, planning computer science BS degree
headshot Michael Currey
Community college, with several IT certs
headshot Robert DuFour
High school
headshot Maxwell Garufi
Community college, with one IT cert
headshot Nicholas Greiner
University, with Cisco certs 
headshot Elijah Jenson
High school honors student, with IT certs
headshot Easton Knopf
High school, planning cyber or networking BS degree
headshot Muhammad Muzammil
Community college, with several IT certs
headshot Jude Poole
High school, planning a PhD in computer science 
headshot Miguel Tejada-Reyes
High school, with several Cisco certs
headshot Jessica White
High school, with IT certs