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Over the next several decades more people, devices, and objects than ever before will be connected. Regions, nations, and states are taking advantage of this infrastructure to expand their economies and provide vastly improved healthcare, education, and transportation.But digital infrastructures require a workforce trained not only to support them but to lead further innovation. That’s why Cisco Networking Academy partners with government agencies and regional and international organizations. Through combined efforts we can multiply our impact in the building of this global workforce.


We partner with national and local governments to accelerate the training of their workforce.


In the United States, Networing Academy is a critical component of the state of Michigan’s efforts to accelerate digital innovation and strengthen its workforce. Education is the cornerstones of Michigan’s State Digital Acceleration program, and we plan to more than double the Networking Academy enrollment in Michigan from 3,000 students today to 8,000 students by 2020.


In 2016, Cisco made a commitment to drive digital transformation in Italy by increasing digital skills and fostering an innovative technology startup community. Working with the Ministry of Education, we are expanding the Networking Academy program to equip the workforce to succeed in an increasingly connected world, with a focus on digitization of the manufacturing sector and cybersecurity technologies.


The government of France looked to Cisco to accelerate its digital agenda, foster economic growth, and drive innovation. To help the country build the workforce to realize this potential, we have already trained 200,000 new Networking Academy students in digital skills including IoT, networking, and cybersecurity.

International Organizations

We work with nonprofits, nongovernmental organizations, and public-private partnerships by providing our curriculum, expertise, and technology to help them expand their efforts.

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