Free Networking Essentials (enrolment space) - June20 to Oct20

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This self-paced course is offered for free by both the Open University and Cisco UKI.

Networking Essentials aims to develop your broad understanding of Networking technologies. Exploring in greater detail systems such as the Internet, home networking and small commercial networks. Anyone completing this, may consider progressing on to more advanced career certifications in Network Engineering.

Orginally this course was designed to be taught in a classroom - the Open University has adapted this for their students and have shared resources for you, within the main course. We are now offering this course to you as a self paced experience.

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Course Details

Free Networking Essentials (enrolment space) - June20 to Oct20

Introduction to Packet Tracer (English - 1.10)

27 May - 30 Oct 2020

Teaching Digital

This course acts as enrolment space for the main, Networking Essentials course. Here, you will be able to download the Free Packet Tracer Network Simulator from Cisco. We will move everyone from this course into Networking Essentials every 24to48hrs

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