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Linux Essentials


Course Overview


The NDG Linux Essentials course, developed by Networking Academy partner NDG, teaches the fundamentals of the Linux operating system and command line and open source concepts.

The Linux virtual machine is embedded in the course; allowing students to experiment with Linux commands.


Learn Linux OS, open source programming, and IoE skills to expand IT knowledge beyond networking. Aligns with the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Linux Essentials Professional Development Certificate.

Learning Components

16 chapters

Built-in virtual machine to experiment with Linux commands

13 lab exercises

Learner-directed activities

Chapter exams, mid-term, and final exam



Target Audience: Secondary and 2-year college students

Prerequisites: None

Estimated Time to Complete: 70 hours

Recommended Next Course: CCNA R&S Introduction to Networks

Course Recognitions: Letter of Completion

Course Details

SER - Linux Essentials- ENGLISH

Partner: NDG Linux Essentials (English - 2.00 - For public campaigns - Legacy)

12 Sep 2020 - 30 Jul 2021

Juan Carlos Olvera Olvera, Monica Gomez, Aurelio Sanchez Carrillo

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