DofE - Introduction to IoT 2020

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IoT (the Internet of Things) has become a commonplace technology - from home speakers, to smart plugs - from industrial automation to smart cities. Anyone taking this course will receive a certificate of completion - average study time is approximately 15hrs.

You may wish to install Packet Tracer, which is an IoT, Security and Network simulator - helping you develop practical skills in IoT and networking technologies.

This activity may count towards your Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Skills section. Please speak to our DofE leader before starting this course and ask your parent/guardian for permission if you are under 18. You should also find a suitable person to act as an assessor, for more information on choosing an assessor please go to

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DofE - Introduction to IoT 2020

Introduction to IoT (English - 2.00)

09 Apr - 30 Oct 2020

Nuno Guarda, Andrew Smith

Welcome to this self-paced course, which will offer you a certificate of completion.

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