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Course Overview

Entrepreneurship supplements the IT skills gained in CCNA R&S curriculum by teaching business and financial skills, behaviors, and attitudes, to help students develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Students learn by completing a series of interactive case studies.


Students seeking to supplement IT expertise with entrepreneurial thinking, business development, and financial management skills.

Learning Components

7 modules

Modules feature interactive case studies and videos that reinforce business management skills

Quizzes for each module

Discussion board



Target Audience: General audience

Prerequisites: None, recommend CCNA R&S RSE for labs

Estimated Time to Complete: 15 hours

Complementary Course: Be Your Own Boss

Course Recognitions: Certificate of Completion


Entrepreneurship Extension


After 31 December 2020, Adobe Flash Player is End-of-Life (EOL). This change impacts the Entrepreneurship course, which uses Flash. Networking Academy has developed an extension option -- an executable application available to download -- that provides extended access to the course after Adobe Flash EOL.  


•         Simple

•         Same Experience

•         Better Security


See the News & Events article (link below) for more details and instructions on how instructors and students can access the extension.


You can download the executable file (with choice of OS and language) at:


Course Details

SER - Entrepreneurship - ENGLISH

Entrepreneurship (English - 1.01)

12 Sep 2020 - 11 Sep 2021

Juan Carlos Olvera Olvera, Monica Gomez, Aurelio Sanchez Carrillo

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