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Welcome to the OU Cisco ASC - we are a community of different and diverse Cisco Academies. Each using Cisco content to underpin the teaching of computer science and network engineering students. 

This collection of resources that can be shared, used for personal development as well as in your own teaching. Feel free to enrol yourself as well as encourage other teaching colleagues. 

Take the time to explore. We regularly update the content and remind you to return here. The common module collections include:

  1. Academy Orientation
  2. General Stuff
  3. Cisco Academy and Curriculum Management
  4. Computing for Schools
  5. Packet Tracer
  6. Subnetting and IP addressing
  7. Cisco SoundBytes
  8. Kevin's Videos
  9. Qualfication Signposting
  10. Python
  11. Miscellany
  12. Newsletter Email Archive 

Course Details

OU ASC Community

ASC Academy Support Offering (English - 1.00 - Legacy)

21 Sep 2017 - 01 Aug 2021

Amel Bennaceur, Paul Wallin, Kevin Large, Andrew Smith, Robert Spragg, Dave Anderson

A community space for mutual collaboration and common resources.

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