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Linux powers 99.6% of the world's fastest supercomputers. And Facebook. And Google, Amazon, NASA, Tesla, even Microsoft. Linux is the operating system acting as the backbone for the world's most powerful and innovative companies. Looking for a future proof technical skill? It's hard to go wrong with Linux.

This course offers 8 total hours of self-paced learning and to ensure you don’t get stuck, you’ll be guided step-by-step through a series of hands-on virtual machine activities. No previous experience is required. This course aligns well as a first step for students working towards the CompTIA A+ Certification.

  • Understand the basics of the Linux Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Practice exercises using a Linux virtual machine (provided free)
  • Basic installation and configuration of Linux software

This is a self-paced, beginner level course.  Duration: 8 hours

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Partner: NDG Linux Unhatched (English - 2.00)

02 Jan 2019 - 04 Jan 2020

Jen Bishop

The “start from scratch” Linux course which teaches from the ground up.

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