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Those who invest in learning IoT (Internet of Things) skills can help transform any business in any industry, from manufacturing to saving endangered species. The combination of increased global Internet access and a growing number of devices designed to connect is creating endless opportunities. Imagine 26 billion people, systems, and physical objects connecting and sharing data seamlessly over the internet by the year 2020. This isn't a what-if scenario, it's real-life and it’s coming together all around us right now. Learn how the Internet of Things is changing the world and the skills needed to land a well-paying job. Take your first step now!

Length: 20 hours

Cost: Free

Level: Beginning

Learning Type: Online self-paced

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Introduction to IoT 2019

Introduction to IoT (English - 2.00)

31 May 2019 - 30 May 2020

Jaka Cijan, Leon Štefanič Južnič

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