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The Introduction to Cybersecurity ver 2 explores the field of cybersecurity, specifically the importance of cybersecurity, data confidentiality, best practices for using the internet and social media safely, and potential career opportunities in this growing field.

The demand for cybersecurity experts has grown 3 times faster than any other IT job role, and training a cybersecurity workforce is a priority of many governments. Cybersecurity applies to any professionals responsible for security and privacy of company or customer systems.

Students learn the basics of being safe online. ● Students are introduced to different types of malware and attacks, and how organizations are protecting themselves against these attacks. ● Students explore the career options in cybersecurity. ● The language used to describe cybersecurity concepts is designed to be easily understood by learners at all levels and embedded interactive activities help reinforce comprehension. ● Activities, including paper-based labs, videos, and quizzes, address a variety of learning styles and help stimulate learning and promote increased knowledge retention.

Starting Date: Jan 23 Ending Date: Feb 28

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Introduction to Cybersecurity (English - 2.10)

23 Jan - 28 Feb 2019

Farrukh Nizami, Ali Goher

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