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Welcome to the Wakefield Libraries CISCO Networking Academy.

In partnership with CISCO we are offering a series of introductory courses enabling you to take the first steps on your path to becoming an IT professional.

Learn at your own pace on library computers, using our free Wi Fi on your own device, or at home.

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The launching pad course for your great idea

It takes more than a single great idea to become a successful entrepreneur. The winding road between idea and execution requires business acumen, financial skills, and most importantly the right mind-set. This knowledge can not only set you apart, but set up your technology venture for greater success. So, why not benefit from a course that’s made for you, jump-starting your ideas, and arming you with the right skills to take the next step with more self-confidence. No prerequisites required.

Length Icon Length: 15 Hours

Level Icon Level: Intermediate

Learning type icon Learning Type: Online, Self-Paced

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Entrepreneurship (English - 1.01)

01 Apr 2019 - 31 Mar 2020

Jonathan Clayton

Uses interactive, online case studies to show how to apply network technology skills to start a business or advance your career.

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