Introduction to Cybersecurity for Cisco Innovation Challenge 2019

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Free Online Course for Thailand Cisco Innovation Challenge 2019 

This is Introduction to Cybersecurity course created for Cisco Innovation Challenge 2019.  After you finished the course, you will recieve a CERTIFICATE of Participation from Cisco Networking Academy. 

Course Overview 

The Introduction to Cybersecurity course explores cyber trends, threats and staying safe in cyberspace, and protecting personal and company data.

Learning Components

  • 5 modules
  • Interactive and instructional content
  • 8 Activities and 7 lab exercises that reinforce learning
  • 4 quizzes and 1 final exam
  • Links to related resources
  • Estimated Time to Complete: 15 hours


Learn how to protect your personal data and privacy online and in social media, and why more and more IT jobs require cybersecurity awareness and understanding.

For more information, please visit OR Cisco Networking Academy Thailand Facebook Fanpage. 

Course Details

CIC 2019 Cybersecurity

Introduction to Cybersecurity (English - 2.10)

30 Apr - 30 Aug 2019

Suthinee Leelahemaratana

Free Online Courses for Thailand Cisco Innovation Challenge 2019 participants.

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