Programming Essentials in Python

The University of Canberra


Python Essentials 1 teaches in-demand computer programming skills including how to design, develop, and improve computer programs using the Python programming language.  

Your students explore the fundamental concepts of computer programming and develop Python coding skills. The course covers essential programming topics such as data types, variables, input/output (I/O), operations, control flow, functions, and exceptions. 


Along with a streamlined course and engaging content, your students will see these changes:

  • A reimagined learning experience  

  • Just 30-35 hours of self-paced content with 30 practice labs 

  • Course content is certification-aligned to PCEP – Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer 

  • Available direct-to-learner and as instructor-guided on Skills for All 

  • Mobile-friendly learning and leading edge gamified content

  • Module achievements are earned along with a Digital Badge for successfully completing the course

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Partner: PCAP - Programming Essentials in Python (English - 2.10 - Self-Paced)

19 Jan - 30 Jun 2023

Shivansh Budakoti

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