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This course is not for college credit at Southeast Missouri State University.

Cybersecurity risks and threats are ever-present in our world today. The infrastructure of networks and the Internet are increasingly vulnerable to a wide variety of both physical and cyber-attacks. Sophisticated cyber criminals, as well as nations, exploit these vulnerabilities to steal information and money.

Our networks are particularly difficult to secure for several reasons:

  • Networks are increasingly integrated and complex.
  • Networks are connected to physical devices.
  • Cyber criminals can access networks from anywhere in the world.

In today’s workforce, there is a shortage of people trained in the field of cybersecurity. Here are just a few of the specialties you might consider for your career:

  • Cybersecurity Specialist
  • Cybersecurity Forensic Expert
  • Information Security Expert
  • Ethical Hacker

All of these roles can be part of your work in the exciting, ever-changing, high-demand field of cybersecurity. Students who complete the Cybersecurity Essentials course are prepared to continue their education in more advanced security courses.

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Cybersecurity Essentials

Cybersecurity Essentials (English - 1.11)

01 Jan - 31 Dec 2021

Robbie Davis, David Miller

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