202101 Introduction to IoT

Toronto Public Library



This 20-hour course introduces the concepts of Internet of Things (IoT) and challenges of the transformational IoT economy through multimedia course content, quizzes, and lab exercises.

Suitable for learners who want to leverage their technical and business knowledge to transition into IoT-related functions. They will learn how IoT transforms business and creates new value and job opportunities.


There is no prerequisite to this course but learners are expected to have a basic understanding of computers and the internet.

Credentials Earned

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Digital Badge

Minimum System Requirement

  • Laptop or desktop running Windows or Mac
  • An up-to-date web browser (Google Chrome is recommended)

Software/Applications Used in Lab Exercises

  • tracert (Windows) or traceroute (Mac, Linux or similar systems)
  • VisualRoute
  • Ping
  • Microsoft Office, GoogleDocs, or LibreOffice (for process flowchart and trend forecast)
  • Notepad or similar text editors
  • Packet Tracer
  • I2IoTServer VM (Linux CentOS) on VMware player or Virtual Box
  • PL-App (optional)
  • Arduino IDE (optional)

Course Details

202101 Introduction to IoT

Introduction to IoT (English - 2.02)

18 Jan - 03 May 2021

Larysa Essex, Karen Tannis, Marni Tam

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