TM257 - 21J - Module Linux Pre-Reading

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This is an optional pre-enrolment opportunity, before the primary teaching commences. Often it can take another two weeks before your tutor is allocated. By enrolling on this class, you can pre-read this Linux course - to develop your command line skills, in common with the Cisco IoS.

If you have taken a class on NetAcad before, please use this email address, please also make sure it is the same email address as the one associated with your Open University student profile (you can change your OU profile email if you wish). Many on this module, may already have a NetAcad profile associated with TM129 or TMXY130.

Connecting, logging in is normally a straightforward process, however occasionally some individuals have specific issues, before going into the module forums and asking for help - please consider:

  1. Checking your spam/junk folders
  2. Attempting to log in with your credentials (email) - you may need to submit a 'forgot password' request - the OU team cannot reset anyones password
  3. Enabling cross-site (or 3rd Party cookies) - Cisco use these to link you to a range of systems they offer you.
  4. Waiting - if you have a compliance check alert, Cisco are checking that you are not a spam bot.

Course Details

TM257 - 21J - Module Linux Pre-Reading

Partner: NDG Linux Unhatched (English - 2.00)

01 Sep - 31 Dec 2021

Amel Bennaceur, Andrew Smith, Anne Droid, Andy Reed, Jason Trott, David McDade

All tutors are allocated before TM257 commences, it can take up to two weeks for this to happen - especially with the increased popularity of some modules. This 8hr microcourse is a refresh/discovery opportunity during this pre-study period.

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