Cisco NetAcad Privacy Data Sheet

This Privacy Data Sheet describes how Cisco Networking Academy processes personally identifiable information ("personal data")


1. Overview of Cisco Networking Academy program and Cisco NetAcad Platform

As the world changes all around us, acquiring technical skills is what brings opportunity and the promise of education is what offers hope. Together with our education, instructor, training and employment partners Cisco has made a commitment to developing the workforce of the future through the Cisco Networking Academy program. Since 1997, Cisco Networking Academy has been working toward a single goal: fostering the technical and entrepreneurial skills that people, educators, and companies need to change the world for the better. We support education worldwide by helping young people learn IT skills and enabling them to innovate like technologists, think like entrepreneurs, and act as social change agents solving today’s problems using technology.  Additional information about our program can be accessed on

Cisco NetAcad Platform is our online e-learning platform that is accessible to students worldwide. Students can choose from a variety of learning resources and courses, based on their particular interests, required skills for job placements, and location preferences.  Students may choose to take self-paced, online courses offered directly by Cisco or may choose to take self-paced or instructor led Cisco Networking Academy courses offered by our partners who are Academies authorized by Cisco to use our teaching materials and resources.

Throughout this document, we have used the terms, Members, Users and Cisco Partners and here is a brief explanation of them:

Members or Users – Students, Cisco authorized Instructors and other staff at the Cisco Academies are members of Cisco Networking Academy program and are Users of the Cisco NetAcad platform. We may use these terms interchangeably.

Cisco Partners – Cisco Academies and Third parties are Cisco Partners. The Cisco Academies are authorized by Cisco to use Cisco content and learning offerings to teach IT and Networking classes. Third parties are contractually bound to provide managed services to Cisco Networking Academy Program like support, application development, integration, etc.

The following paragraphs describe Cisco’s processing of personal data in connection with the delivery of the Cisco Networking Academy Program, the location and transfers of that data, and how it is secured in accordance with privacy principles, laws, and regulations. Cisco will use your personal data in compliance with the information in this Privacy Data Sheet. Note that this Privacy Data Sheet is a supplement to the Cisco Privacy Statement.

2. Personal Data Processing

Cisco Networking Academy allows Users to access instructor-led and self-paced learning resources using Cisco NetAcad Platform. These courses are delivered by Cisco or Cisco Partners referred to as “Cisco Academies”. Cisco Academies are schools, colleges, educational institutions, and non-profit learning centers situated globally and focused on championing the goals of the Cisco Networking Academy Program.

The Cisco Networking Academy Program offers a multitude of IT and Networking courses. Some self-paced learning courses are offered directly by Cisco and other courses are delivered by Cisco certified Instructors who work for Cisco Academies. Students register for courses either directly with Cisco or through the Cisco Academies. This requires students’ personal information to be shared with Cisco Academies. Members of Cisco Networking Academy have access to their personal information in their profile and are able to modify or print their personal information. They may also contact Cisco Networking Academy Program to delete their account.

Cisco Networking Academy regularly introduces new learning offerings, hosts competitions and events, helps students find jobs, and is continually seeking feedback to improve their products and services. Members of Cisco Networking Academy receive Program communications and requests for surveys if they have opted to receive this information and/or requests for feedback. NetAcad members are able to opt-out of such requests at any time by updating their profile in the Cisco NetAcad Platform.

All personal data of Cisco Networking Academy members that is stored, used and processed by Cisco Networking Academy is in accordance with Cisco’s data access and stringent security controls process.

Personal Data Category

Personal Data Processed by NetAcad

Purposes of Processing the Data

Registration Information
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Address (Country, State, City, Zip code, Street Name)
  • Phone number
  • Screen name
  • Avatar image/Photo
  • Cisco Certification ID

We use Registration Information to:

  • Create your NetAcad account to provide access
  • Authenticate and authorize access to your account
  • Provide you access to your personal profile
  • Display your User avatar/photo to other Users when you participate in collaborative activities
  • Enroll in courses chosen by you
  • Provide you recommendations for courses, webinars, other learning resources based on your interests
  • Provide access to Assessments, Quizzes, and your scores in each of them as well as access to your Gradebook
  • Apply discounts to your Cisco certification exam registration
  • Provide you Course Completion and Competition Participation certificates, Recognition and Merit letters
  • Request your feedback through Surveys if you have opted in to provide feedback on our courses and program
  • Send you Program communications and information of new learning offerings and Cisco events if you have opted in to receive them
  • Make improvements to the Cisco NetAcad Platform based on your feedback and suggestion
  • For triage to diagnose technical issues, update and general maintenance of the platform
  • Provide you support to use NetAcad
  • Process your request to alter or delete your account

Educational & Professional Qualifications and Work Experience Information (Only for Instructor Qualification & Student Job matching purposes)

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Address (Country, State, City, Zip code, Street Name)
  • Educational & Professional
  • Personal Video
  • Digital Personal Photograph
  • Work History

We use Educational & Professional Qualifications and Work Experience Information to:

  • Qualify prospective Instructors to become Cisco authorized Instructors and teach Cisco Networking Academy courses
  • Send you reminders if your Cisco Certification has expired
  • Match your skills to jobs posted by Cisco and Cisco partners

Packet Tracer Usage Information

  • IP address
  • Frequency of use
  • Machine type
  • Operating System
  • Geographic Location (Country, State, Latitude, Longitude)
  • Functionalities/Events used within Packet Tracer

We use Packet Tracer Usage Information (in aggregate only) to:

  • Understand how the simulation tool is used for educational purposes
  • Diagnose technical issues
  • Conduct analytics to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Respond to member support requests

User Generated Information

  • Messages (content, sender, recipients, date, time, and read receipts)
  • Content Shared (files, file names, screen shots of personal account)

We use User Generated Information to:

  • Provide Support to you as needed
  • Provide you access to your information in Cisco NetAcad Platform
  • Provide you access to Competition participation certificate

Information Collected by Browser Cookies

  • Encrypted Information Collected by Cookies

We use Information Collected by Browser Cookies to:

  • Ensure that you can stay logged into the Cisco NetAcad Platform until you choose to log out
  • Improve the performance of the Cisco NetAcad Platform and your experience with it


3. Cross Border Transfers

Cisco Networking Academy leverages its own data centers to deliver the Program globally. The Cisco Networking Academy data centers are currently located in the following countries (data center locations may change from time to time and this Privacy Data Sheet will be updated to reflect those changes):



Data center name


Cisco Data Center, Richardson, TX (2 data centers)


AWS Data Center, N Virginia


OutScale Data Center, Paris, France

Cisco has invested in a number of transfer mechanisms to enable the lawful use of data across jurisdictions. In particular:

4. Access Control

Members, Cisco and Cisco Partners can access personal data of members stored on Cisco NetAcad Platform as described in the table below. Upon request by you, Cisco and Cisco Partners will access the personal data only while troubleshooting, updating the Cisco NetAcad Platform components, managing the platform, or providing support to the members.

Personal Data Who Has Access Purpose of Access
Account Registration

Member through


Processed in accordance with Cisco Privacy Statement

Cisco Partners - Academies, Third Party

Provide support and assistance to members who are directly associated with the partners for using Cisco NetAcad


Modify or delete Member’s information based on their request. Also used to provide Support and identify Improvement opportunities for the Cisco NetAcad Platform

Educational & Professional Qualifications and Work Experience Information

Member through

Processed in accordance with Cisco Privacy Policy


Processed in accordance with Cisco Privacy Statement

to provide job matching services to Members

Cisco Partners – Third Party

Processed in accordance with Cisco Privacy Policy to provide job matching services to Members. The service is supported by a third-party Partner.

Packet Tracer Usage  

Processed in aggregate only and in accordance with Cisco’s data access and security controls process to improve learning experience with a simulation tool

User Generated

Member through NetAcad

Processed in accordance with Cisco Privacy Statement

Cisco Partners - Academies, Third Party

Provide support and assistance to Users who are directly associated with the partners for education and learning


Processed in accordance with Cisco Privacy Statement

Information Collected by Browser Cookies  

Processed to improve the user experience with the Cisco NetAcad platform and in accordance with Cisco Cookie Policy


5. Data Portability or User- Generated information and other Personal data

Cisco Networking Academy allows Members of the platform to access view or change all User-generated Information in their Cisco Profile. User may print all the information using standard browser functionality. The date of birth is used for validating a User in the event of any fraud and can only be changed by contacting Cisco NetAcad Support or opening a support ticket. There is no time restriction on accessing this data for active Cisco Networking Academy members.

6. Data Deletion

Members or Users can request deletion of personal data stored on the Cisco NetAcad Platform by sending a request to Cisco endeavors to remove the personal data from its platform in a timely manner, unless the personal data is required to be retained by Cisco for legitimate business purposes. There is no ability to undo this action once the personal data is removed.

7. Personal Data Security

Security embedded within Cisco NetAcad Platform is in compliance with CSDL (Cisco Secure Development Lifecycle) standards and has obtained CATO (Cloud Approval to Operate) certification.  In accordance with these standards, we have adopted Cisco’s technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure as required by law. Additional information about our encryption architecture is summarized in the table and paragraphs below.

Personal Data Category


Registration Information (excluding Passwords, discussed below)

Encrypted in transit and at rest


Encrypted and hashed in transit and at rest

User-Generated Information

Encrypted in transit and at rest


8. Third-Party Service Providers (Sub-Processors)

Cisco Networking Academy may share Member’s registration information, educational & professional qualifications and work experience information and/or User generated information with service providers, contractors or other third parties to assist in providing or improving the e-learning platform or for sending Cisco product and events related communications to those who have opted to receive such communications. The data shared may include Member’s name and email address or aggregate statistics or anonymized data. All sharing of information is carried out consistent with the Cisco Privacy Statement and we contract with third-party service providers that can provide the same level of data protection and information security that you can expect from Cisco. We do not rent or sell your information.

If a Member or User enrolls in one or more Cisco Networking Academy courses offered by a Cisco authorized Academy who is our third-party partner, we may share with the partner, any or all information described in the Data Sheet with the exception of data of birth of the member/User.

If Member/Users would like more information about the Third-Party Service providers that their personal data is shared with and the purposes for the same; they may send an email to with a Subject that includes, “Request for information about NetAcad Third parties”. 

9. Information Security Incident Management

Breach and Incident Notification Processes

The Data Protection & Privacy team within Cisco’s Security & Trust Organization coordinates the Data Incident Response Process and manages the enterprise-wide response to data-centric incidents. The Incident Commander directs and coordinates Cisco’s response, leveraging diverse teams including the Cisco Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT), the Cisco Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT), and the Advanced Security Initiatives Group (ASIG).

PSIRT manages the receipt, investigation, and public reporting of security vulnerabilities related to Cisco products and networks. The team works with Customers, independent security researchers, consultants, industry organizations, and other vendors to identify possible security issues with Cisco products and networks. The Cisco Security Center details the process for reporting security incidents.

The Cisco Notification Service allows Customers to subscribe and receive important Cisco product and technology information, including Cisco security advisories for critical and high severity security vulnerabilities. This service allows Customers to choose the timing of notifications, and the notification delivery method (email message or RSS feed). The level of access is determined by the subscriber's relationship with Cisco. If you have questions or concerns about any product or security notifications, contact your Cisco sales representative.

10. Certifications and Compliance with Privacy Laws

The Security and Trust Organization and Cisco Legal provide risk and compliance management and consultation services to help drive security and regulatory compliance into the design of Cisco products and services. Cisco NetAcad e-learning platform and its underlying processes is designed to meet Cisco’s obligations under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and other privacy laws around the world.

Cisco NetAcad e-learning platform leverages the following privacy transfer mechanisms related to the lawful use of data across jurisdictions:

11. Corporate Quality Compliance and Certifications

Cisco holds a Global ISO 9001 Certification and ISO 14001 Registration, managed by the Corporate Quality Compliance and Certifications program, which establishes and maintains policies that ensure quality management of processes and environmental responsibilities. Visit our Quality Certifications page to understand the scope of these compliance certifications and read more information.

12. FAQs

For more information related to Cisco Networking Academy’s e-learning platform features, please see the Cisco NetAcad FAQS page that is accessible to all members of the platform. Additional GDPR specific FAQs can be accessed here - Cisco NetAcad GDPR FAQ.

For more general information and FAQs related to Cisco’s Security Compliance Program and Cisco’s GDPR readiness please visit The Cisco Trust Center.