How Cihat from Turkey became a cybersecurity team leader


"My work at the Cisco Networking Academy was one of the biggest factors in my acceptance for this job."


My interest in technology came from my childhood when I played with electronic items I found and tried to repair them.

One day, in 9th grade, I started to examine the school's website. After a while, I learned a lot about web and network technologies, and to my surprise, I noticed security flaws in the school's website! When I shared this with the administrators of our school, my journey towards computer sciences had started.

I realized that what I was learning at school was insufficient for me, and I wanted to advance my career in computer networks. I researched courses and found Cisco Networking Academy.

I visited the nearest Cisco Networking Academy, a non-government organization called Habitat Association, and received IT Essentials training. Then I attended the “IT Essentials Trainer” course. I gave IT Essentials Training voluntarily all around Turkey.

After a while, I completed CCNA training at Cisco Networking Academy. Next, upon completing the “CCNA Trainer” training, I started providing voluntary CCNA trainings.

This voluntary work contributed to both my personal and technical development. After my graduation, in job interviews, the trainings and volunteer work I did with Networking Academy attracted the attention of employers.

I see Cisco Networking Academy as a turning point in my life.

Thanks to this project, I had the opportunity to meet senior and successful employees in the technology field. Consequently, I was able to build a business network with strong references and start my career in IT networking, continuing in the area of cybersecurity.

The company I am currently working for is Turkey's largest cybersecurity company. I recently started working as SOC Continuous Security Monitoring Team Leader and Cyber Security Incident Responder, leading a team of 30, both administratively and technically.

My work at the Cisco Networking Academy was one of the biggest factors in my acceptance for this job.

My knowledge of networking helped me in the interview. In my current position, I understood once again how important it is to have a good grasp of th network issues while examining the cybersecurity incident and log.

Now, I recommend Cisco Networking Fundamentals Training to anyone who wants to work in the field of IT, and CCNA Routing and Switching and CCNA security training to those who want to work in the field of networking or cybersecurity.

Anyone who wants to pursue a career in software, networking, cybersecurity or other areas of technology needs to learn the basics of networking. The most exciting, fun, passionate, and inspiring way to learn about these networks is through Cisco Networking Academy. It should be the first stop for everyone on the way.

I’d like to thank everyone who contributed to the Cisco Networking Academy for having a positive impact in my life.


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