Nisha & Disha: The cyber sisters who are building their careers in cybersecurity


"Being from a non-technical background, the hands-on labs completely motivated me to understand networks, its layers and security."   –Nisha

"The study gave me exposure to technology and confidence to go for a better job."   –Disha


Challenges overcome

Nisha and Disha are sisters in India who were finishing their studies while working part-time to support their family when the pandemic struck. Both lost their jobs but used their time to study cybersecurity and managed to get jobs that allowed them to work from home.

They are now Inbound Process team members and currently counseling students to join Cisco Networking Academy cybersecurity courses.

Nisha and Disha were supported in their studies by the NIIT Foundation, a nonprofit education society that is an official Academy Support Center of the Cisco Networking Academy.

Was there a turning point/lightbulb moment?

Disha started with little knowledge of tech but has developed a keen interest due to her study. She said her studies gave her exposure to technology and the confidence to go for a better job. She told us:

"The vast knowledge of Cisco Networking Academy helped me explore different areas in cybersecurity."

Nisha chose to study cybersecurity because she was keenly aware that increasing digitization may lead to increasing cybersecurity issues. She said her studies have fulfilled her desire to work in networking and technology. She told us:

"This course [Introduction to Cybersecurity] helped to pursue my interest in networking and technology. I want to further enhance my skills through advanced courses. The confidence and knowledge I gained here helped me to realize my dream of becoming Cyber Secure."


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