Academy Outreach Program Improves Learning in Mexico Academy Outreach Program Improves Learning in Mexico

Cisco joined forces with several organizations in Mexico to extend the benefits of technology into the local community.

Adopt an Academy

Many educational institutions in Mexico lack the infrastructure needed to support connected learning in the classroom. This has prompted several organizations to help increase the number of schools with computer equipment and Internet access.

After schools gain access to the technology, they face the challenge of effectively integrating it into their learning processes for improved student outcomes. The Adopt an Academy program was established to help address this issue.

Adopt an Academy resulted from a partnership between the Cisco Networking Academy program, Fundación Televisa, and the Unión de Empresarios por la Tecnología y la Educación (UNETE). This partnership was built around a common belief in the fundamental role that education plays in shaping Mexico's development.

In 2005, these partners, along with the Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana (UTM) and the Ministry of Education, established Adopt an Academy in the state of Yucatan, Mexico.

Student Outreach Program

Yucatan was selected partially because the Fundación Televisa had already provided funding and equipment to several primary and secondary schools in Yucatan through UNETE, and wanted to assess how effectively the technology was being used in the classroom.

To accomplish this objective, Fundación Televisa helped establish a community outreach program at UTM that enables Networking Academy students to gain practical, hands-on experience while applying their networking skills to improve the quality of education in the region.

Participating students visit primary and secondary schools that have received equipment through UNETE to develop technology implementation reports, provide basic IT training to assist teachers with technology adoption, and troubleshoot the school networks.

Local Ownership

After two years, the Adopt an Academy sponsorship period ended and ownership of the outreach program was transferred over to UTM. Academy students who participate in the program have an opportunity to develop greater social consciousness along with valuable networking and career skills while benefitting their local community.

The success of the Adopt an Academy program helps demonstrate how public-private partnerships developed around a shared vision can help deliver enriching and socially beneficial learning experiences.

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