Career Information

As networking technologies bring new economic and social opportunities to communities throughout the world, businesses, nonprofits, hospitals, schools, and government organizations are experiencing growing demand for networking professionals to design, build, maintain, and secure their networks.

Networking Academy aims to equip individuals with the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to help meet this demand in a variety of industries ranging from broadband and wireless to healthcare and green technologies.

One of our learning partners, CompTIA, has developed a TechCareer Compass to give you a better idea of the job opportunities available for networking professionals.

Career Prep and Certifications

Interactive learning tools and activities are integrated into Networking Academy courses to help students develop practical experience and 21st century career skills such as problem solving, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Our courses map to globally recognized certifications to help students and alumni stand out in the job market and demonstrate their skills and competencies to employers. To learn more, visit Courses & Certifications.

We also provide a career website with resources designed to help NetAcad students and alumni find jobs and advance their careers at NetAcad Advantage.

Alumni Community

Students who successfully complete Networking Academy courses are invited to join the global alumni community on LinkedIn.