NetSpace Notes - January 11th Release

New features added to enhance the user experience:

  • Expand and Collapse Buttons for Discussions - Discussions now have expand/collapse functionality to help with readability. Now you can see more top-level threads in the collapsed view.
  • Hide Grade Distribution Graphs from Students - Instructors can now choose to hide this graph in the course settings. The ‘Hide grade distribution graphs from students’ checkbox can be found under More Options on the Course Settings page in the Course Details tab. This allows instructors to keep summary statistics of the class private, so that students are not able to figure out each other’s grades.
  • Notifications - Administrators can now enable a warning that reminds all users about preferred email addresses for notifications. When enabled, the next time users visit the Notification Preferences page, they will see a pop-up alerting them why they should use their institution-provided email address. Administrators can set this warning via the Notifications tab in the Account Settings.
  • New Languages – The learning environment is now supported in Arabic and Chinese.

Bug Fixes:

  • Reset Password - A bug that caused difficulties when an instructor reset a student’s password was resolved. Before the fix, the automatically generated temporary password wasn’t visible. Now the temporary password will be visible to the instructor and will be automatically sent to the student.
  • Certificate Availability – Prior to this bug fix, students would no longer have access to certificates and letters of merit earned in a certain course after it was closed by the instructor. Students will now have access to all achievements on their profiles, even after the course has concluded.
  • Signing Out – A bug that was preventing users using Internet Explorer 9 from signing out of the homepage has been resolved.
  • Long Course Names – Prior to this fix, long course names would cover the gear symbol under the Teach tab. The issue was solved by abbreviating long titles with an ellipsis in this view.
  • Global Search Results – A bug that had prevented students from viewing items 21-40 in global search results was resolved.


Would you like to make a suggestion to help improve NetSpace? Are you experiencing errors you’d like to report? Please send us your feedback through the blue Share Idea tab on the right side of your NetSpace homepage. Letting us know what is most important to you will help us improve NetSpace.

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NetSpace Notes - December 14th Release

Several bugs and enhancements were addressed to improve the user experience on Cisco NetSpace.

Searching Resources: A language filter was added to the Resources tab in NetSpace. Users can now look up information by keyword, version, or language.

Revised Text: Efforts to streamline text were made in a number of areas including the Preparedness section, the Become an Academy Application and other areas of the site.

Search and Add Enrollment: A bug that caused the sorting feature to malfunction when using the Search and Add feature during the enrollment process has been fixed. Before the fix, only the first page of search results would appear sorted.

Previously, when users searched for a student that did not match a student record at the academy, rather than receiving a “no results” message, users would see a list of every student enrolled at the academy. This issue was resolved and users now see the appropriate message when no search results are available.

Become an Academy Form: When filling out the Become an Academy form on NetSpace, users were previously able to proceed when two different email addresses were entered. The issue was resolved and users must properly confirm the first email entered before submitting the form.

Manage Instructor Accreditation: A bug that affected the Manage Instructor Accreditation link for instructor trainers was resolved. Before the fix, if an instructor trainer also held the role of NetAcad instructor, they also saw student classes from their Cisco Academy. Now, if these users click the Manage Instructor Accreditation link from the Teach tab, they will only be able to accredit students who participated in classes at their Instructor Training Center and not at their Cisco Academy.

Would you like to make a suggestion to help improve NetSpace? Are you experiencing errors you’d like to report? Please send us your feedback through the Share Idea tab on your NetSpace homepage. Letting us know what is most important to you will help us improve NetSpace.

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NetSpace Notes – November 30th Release

A few new features and bug fixes have continued to improve on Cisco NetSpace since the last release Nov. 15. 
Discount Exam Vouchers: Exam vouchers are now available on NetSpace for all eligible students and instructors. Qualifying student and instructor candidates will automatically receive an email notification prompting them to request a voucher through a link on their NetSpace homepage Learn tab.
Course Completion Certificates and Letters of Merit: Certificates of course completion and letters of merit signed by Cisco CEO John Chambers are now available to eligible students and instructors on Cisco NetSpace. The qualifications are as follows: 
After becoming eligible, qualifying students and instructors will automatically receive an email notification directing them to access the certificate or letter through their NetSpace profile page. Course instructors will have the option to print and deliver certificates to their students through the Manage Course page. Qualifying students and instructors will also be able to view, download, and print certificates and letters from their profile page under the Certificates of Completion and Letters of Merit tabs.
Student Directory Import from Academy Connection: In response to instructor feedback, we have added the ability to search for students in the Academy Connection environment when enrolling students in classes on NetSpace.
Instructors can now select names from a directory of Academy Connection students during course enrollments. You can access the directory by clicking Search Academy Connection Students on the enrollment page. After students are selected from the Academy Connection directory, the enrollment process continues as usual.

System Not Available Display: A “System Not Available” page now appears when a component of NetSpace is down for maintenance. NetSpace now performs a series of checks to test if a certain component is down or not responding, and if so, this new page is displayed. 


Would you like to make a suggestion to help improve NetSpace? Are you experiencing errors you’d like to report? Please send us your feedback. Letting us know what is most important to you will help us improve NetSpace.

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NetSpace Notes - November 15th Release

In the November 15 Sprint 9 release of Cisco NetSpace updates, a few bugs were fixed to eliminate confusion and further enhance the user experience:
  • A bug was fixed to show and update appropriate opt-in options on user profiles. The bug caused incorrect options to appear. Now users are able to check options like “Participate in Recognition Program.” Engineers also fixed a problem that prevented the system from recognizing user opt-in preferences. 
  • A change to make wording more consistent throughout the site was successfully implemented. On the enrollment page, rather than saying “Course Conclude,” the modal for editing the end date of a course now reads “Course End.”
  • A minor error that caused the course name to change when using “Edit a Course” on the NetSpace homepage was also fixed in the recent release. Prior to the fix, the altered name failed to display under enrolled users when viewing the “People” area of the course in the learning environment. Course name changes now display accurately throughout the site. 

The next Sprint release is scheduled for November 30. Check back here for updates on new features, changes, and fixes. 

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