Support and Training Partners Support and Training Partners

Cisco has established a global ecosystem of partnerships with more than 500 organizations that provide operational support and training to academies and instructors.

Our partners are champions of the Networking Academy program and leaders in the ICT field. They are carefully selected and must meet specific criteria to help ensure the quality of the services they offer. They apply their extensive knowledge of the NetAcad curricula and Cisco NetSpace learning environment to help academies and students succeed.

Supporting the World’s Largest Classroom

Academy Support Centers (ASCs) are the first point of contact when administrators or instructors encounter challenges. They provide many services, including the following:

  • Guide new academies through initiation and start up
  • Facilitate equipment orders
  • Clarify tools or processes
  • Provide guidance to improve student outcomes

Cisco encourages all Academy Support Centers to develop a portfolio of offerings specific to the needs of their supported academies. To help ensure that all instructors and administrators have access to these services, all academies are required to align with an ASC.

Many Academy Support Centers charge for their services to recover the costs associated with providing the personnel and resources needed for the sustained success of academies.

Training Classroom Leaders

Instructor Training Centers (ITCs) provide training and professional development opportunities for NetAcad instructors. Instructor Trainers at ITCs must pass a rigorous evaluation of their knowledge and skills to become qualified.

The training provided by ITCs is designed to help ensure that new instructors are able to effectively use the available tools and resources to engage students and teach the Networking Academy curricula.

Most Instructor Training Centers charge tuition or fees for instructor courses.

Finding Support and Training

Use the Academy Locator to find an Academy Support Center or Instructor Training Center. You can filter your search by location and institution type to find the support and training you need.