Training Center and Telecoms Company Connect to Advance Employees Training Center and Telecoms Company Connect to Advance Employees

Instructors at Lviv Training Center of Ukrtelecom in Ukraine provide coaching to help students advance their careers at a major telecommunications company.

Cisco Networking Academy instructors Nazar Stasyshyn and Vladyslav Kosheliev at Lviv Training Center of Ukrtelecom in Ukraine think of themselves as their students’ teammates. Stasyshyn explains, “All of our instructors are player-coaches. We have practical experience in enterprise Cisco solutions, device troubleshooting, and the most effective design patterns, but we are always exploring new aspects of information and communications technology (ICT) alongside our students.”

Intersection of Learning and Industry

Kosheliev explains how the center became a Cisco Academy: “Ukrtelecom is a major telephone and Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Ukraine, and their employees need in-depth knowledge of Cisco equipment management and operation.” NetAcad courses are included in the yearly development plan for Ukrtelecom employees and can be conducted as official training for departments or optional training for individuals. Since many of the company’s employees do not live or work near Lviv Training Center, distance learning is a major component of the company’s Networking Academy training.

For the player-coaches, Networking Academy presents an opportunity to apply innovative technology to the teaching and learning process.

Because of the instructors’ focus on supporting career advancement for their students, Lviv Training Center was recently recognized by Cisco for academic excellence. “We do whatever we can to help young people find better jobs through industry recognized certifications and new opportunities in telephone, ISP, and mobile technologies for students already working in this field,” says Kosheliev. This dedication rewards the instructors as well. “By teaching and learning with the students, we have continuous opportunities for self-improvement,” says Stasyshyn.

Secrets to Success

Several components of the training center play an important part in its success and recognition for excellence. “Access to a wide range of resources and learning materials contribute significantly to the positive learning outcomes for our students and instructors,” says Kosheliev. “Access to real equipment physically and remotely is invaluable to our students. We couldn’t teach without it.”

What Matters Most to Students

Another aspect of the training center’s success is that the instructors listen to their students. Kosheliev states, “Based on our students’ feedback, the most valuable element of their training is the opportunity to work in a laboratory environment with tasks close to real life situations.”

Advice for Other Academies

Instructors at the Lviv Training Center advise their global NetAcad colleagues to allow students to study at their own pace by fully utilizing the distance learning methodology.

About the Recognition Award for Learning Opportunities

This award recognizes academies for the number of curricula offered and students’ progression through NetAcad courses.

About this Academy

• Name: Lviv Training Center of Ukrtelecom
• Location: Lviv, Ukraine
• Education level: Undergraduate and graduate
• Networking Academy curricula: IT Essentials, CCNA Discovery, CCNA Exploration, CCNA Security, CCNP
• Year began teaching Networking Academy courses: 2003
• Number of students: 202
• Number of instructors: 3

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