Make the Most of Your Virtual Experience

The Virtual Academy Conference is designed to connect academy instructors from around the world with each other, academy partners and Cisco. It’s a time dedicated to development, sharing best practices and equipping you with resources.

If you have never participated in a virtual conference, you will be pleasantly surprised by how you can engage and what you can accomplish.

Here are some tips to make the most of your Virtual Academy Conference experience:

  1. Prepare, Log-in Early: The Virtual Academy Conference officially opens on March 17. It won’t be staffed then, but it’s a great time for you to come in and build your profile, get familiar with the environment, and start reviewing and downloading content.
  2. Attend During High Traffic Times: Be in the environment and participate in the live activities on March 18 and 19. This is when you’ll have the opportunity to engage with Cisco Networking Academy leaders. It’s also when we expect the most participation from instructors, making it the perfect time for you to engage with your peers.
  3. Be an Active Blogger: Instructors use the event Blog Center to share best practices, create dialogue on a specific topic, and to pose questions to the community. Be involved! Share your own best practices - they can include how you engage with students, how you successfully teach a topic, something new you learned, just about anything. Not comfortable posting your own blog? At least contribute your experience and knowledge by adding to what others are posting. Don’t forget, blogging earns you points, and points make you eligible for prizes.
  4. Check Out the Resource Center: You can download the presentation slides for every session (yes, around 30) in the Virtual Academy Conference. There are also many supporting materials to go with the sessions. All of these materials are available for download in the Resource Center in the Virtual Conference. You will be able to use some of these materials directly with your students in your classrooms.
  5. Connect with Others, Be Extroverted for the Day: Don’t be shy while you’re in the Virtual Academy Conference. These are your peers and there Is a wealth of knowledge to tap into while you are all together. Connect in groups in the Blog Center, and chat in the Lounge, Virtual Meeting Rooms, and sessions. Connect one-to-one with private chats and email. Use the “Who’s Here” tool to find others you want to connect with. 
  6. Have Fun and Brag a Little: Earn badges and points through your activities while in the Virtual Academy Conference. You can also play games and dominate the leader boards on display.
  7. On the Go? Attend via Your Mobile Device: Download the Virtual Academy Conference mobile app. You can join sessions, visit meeting rooms and chat from your mobile device.
  8. Block Your Calendar: Be proactive to avoid time conflicts and book yourself now for the days you want to spend in the Virtual Academy Conference.




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